2019 World Kuk Sool Won Tournament - October 19th

Ring assignments are subject to change. Please listen carefully to announcements and navigate to the website address at the bottom of the ring assignments for up to date information. Click on the image for a printable version. Note the ring sections are color coded and will be divided by the corresponding color rope flags.

The World Kuk Sool Won Tournament will take place October 19th at the Moody Garden convention center in Galveston, TX

There are two competitions taking place, student competition and the school competition. You will compete with other students your age and rank. You will compete in a variety of divisions such as Traditional Forms, Techniques, Sparring, Weapons, and Breaking depending on your age and rank.

Each school that has students attend the event will be competing to be named the overall winning school. Each medal won by a school's student with worth points. A first-place medal is worth 5 points, second place 3, third place 2, and a fourth place metal earns 1. At the end of the event, the school with the most overall points is named the winner of the tournament and that school is presented with the Campions Flag.

Our school has won more World Tournaments than any other KSW school in history. This year we are looking to regain our NUMBER 1 school status as we came in second place in 2018.

Show your school spirit and sport your TEAM CLEAR LAKE T-shirts! New T-shirts will be available soon!


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