Name: Terry "Jumpy" Heaps
Rank: 5th Dahn
Title: Kwan Jang Nim
WKSA ID# A-8391
Date of promotion: Feb. 2008
Started KSW: 1985

Kwan Jang Nim Terry Heaps is a Quality Assurance-SHE Manager. She holds a Masters Degree in Oriental Medicine - 2007. Terry KJN's favorite weapon: Sword, form: Baek Pal Ki Hyung, technique set: Bang Won Ki, kick: Reverse Round, hand strike: Palm, vacation spot: "What's a Vacation?". KJN's long term goal in training is "to overcome my limitations and to have a healthy old age."

"I started Kuk Sool Won at a club in the Post Oak YMCA because I wanted to have a family activity with my son. As a single mom I wanted an activity that we both could do for a long time. I had taken other martial arts growing up (Karate, Judo) and was always interested in healthy activities, for the mental and physical challenge. I also liked the culture.

I grew up traveling with my Dad's work in the petroleum industry. By the time I was 19 I had been around the world twice. I consider myself a world citizen and will be glad when we finally get around to issuing I.D.'s to that effect. I love all cultures and have found very few that do not contribute positively to our global energy.

I am extremely grateful that I have met Masters Harmon and feel if I can do half of what they have accomplished I will have done good."

Terry Kwan Jang Nim was recently promoted to Master Level (5th degree black belt) February 16th 2008. Kwan Jang Nim Terry is now the second highest ranking female in Kuk Sool second only to our School Master, Master Choon Ok Harmon (8th degree).