• Welcome
    Kuk Sool Won of Clear Lake offers a variety
    of classes for Adults, Children, Men, Women and
    Families. Our professional instructors and
    innovative teaching approach has made our school
    one of the largest and most respected Kuk Sool Won
    schools in the World. Stop by our school for a FREE
    introductory lesson and learn more about our
  • Knowledge
    "There are those of us In search of
    the forgotten Knowledge;
    While others search for
    the Undiscovered Knowledge."

    -Barry Harmon
  • Etiquette
    Any behavior that is motivated by respect.
    Etiquette is the single most important aspect
    in martial art training. Outwardly showing
    respect allows students to become humble,
    confident, and kind. Martial art training is
    truly an education and etiquette is what
    separates art from sport.
  • Our Staff
    Our professional staff of Black Belt Instructors
    along with their assistants is here to guide you
    towards better self-confidence, and discipline as
    you improve your balance, coordination,
    flexibility, control, and overall health. Our
    program gradually guides you to improved
    cardiovascular fitness, muscle tone, flexibility,
    increased confidence, mental discipline,
    self-defense techniques, and more.

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Upcoming Events

ZOOM Classes Available


Our full schedule of classes via ZOOM has been extended all month of September! We are committed to you!

Labor Day

September 7th

Our school will be closed Monday Sept 7th for Labor Day, includes ZOOM Classes

Masters Club Class

September 12th

Masters Club class 10am, outdoors weather permitting.

Promotion Night!

September 18th

Color Belts 6pm

New Black Belts 7pm

Youth Black Belt Training

September 19th

Youth Black Belt Mentor Class and Training. 9am to 12noon. All Youth Black Belts Welcome