Get ready for the BEST Summer Camp on the planet! Warrior Camp is no ordinary camp. Each day will be filled with activities to challenge and engage participants to become better martial artists and better people.

Activities will include Korean Archery training, forms and technique work, sparring skills, weapons training, and team building games. We'll cool down each day with pizza for lunch and an age appropriate movie.

Camps are run by Black Belt instructors and assistants and overseen by Master David Aue. Each camp will be limited to a maximum of 25 to ensure each participant will get the most out of each day's training. Attending multiple camps is encouraged, as those with experience will be taught higher level material.

Nearly all our previous camps have filled to capacity, register early to ensure your spot!

Upcoming Events

Masters Club Class

January 19th - Saturday

Indoor and outdoor training.

Grandmaster Seminar

February 2nd

Meet and learn from the Grandmaster! Space will be very limited, sign up now!

Black Belt Testing

February 9th & 16th

All black belt candidates will test in February, please check which day you qualify for.