Grandmaster Seminar 2020!

Once a year we have the great honor of the Grand-Master visiting our school and conducting a special seminar. During the seminar you will learn material only taught during seminar. You will also get the opportunity to learn directly from the founder of Kuk Sool Won.

Grand-Master will be accompanied by his two eldest sons, Master Sung Jin Suh and Master Alex Suh, two of the most renowned Masters in Kuk Sool Won.

From 11:30am to 12noon, we ask all seminar participants to attend for a special speech made by the Grand-Master about Martial Art techniques, skills, history, and the future of our art. This year Kuk Sa Nim is celebrating the 60th anniversary of Kuk Sool Won and this seminar promises to be one of the most exciting!

You may register in the office or print your registration form and bring it to the school. Space will be limited and will be on a first come first serve basis.

As a reminder to earn Black Belt, and higher degrees of Black Belt, you must receive certification from at least one seminar prior to promotion.

Upcoming Events

ZOOM Classes Available

All of August

Our full schedule of classes via ZOOM has been extended all month of August! We are committed to you!

Masters Club Class

August 8th

Masters Club class 10am, outdoors weather permitting.

4th & 5fh Degree Testing

August 15th

High belt testing, in DoJang. Please register by the 14th

Black Belt Testing

August 22nd

Both in DoJang and ZOOM. See times based on your age and rank.

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As part of our stage one re-opening, we are limited class sizes. Please sign up for classes before attending class.