• Welcome
    Kuk Sool Won of Clear Lake offers a variety
    of classes for Adults, Children, Men, Women and
    Families. Our professional instructors and
    innovative teaching approach has made our school
    one of the largest and most respected Kuk Sool Won
    schools in the World. Stop by our school for a FREE
    introductory lesson and learn more about our
  • Knowledge
    "There are those of us In search of
    the forgotten Knowledge;
    While others search for
    the Undiscovered Knowledge."

    -Barry Harmon
  • Etiquette
    Any behavior that is motivated by respect.
    Etiquette is the single most important aspect
    in martial art training. Outwardly showing
    respect allows students to become humble,
    confident, and kind. Martial art training is
    truly an education and etiquette is what
    separates art from sport.
  • Our Staff
    Our professional staff of Black Belt Instructors
    along with their assistants is here to guide you
    towards better self-confidence, and discipline as
    you improve your balance, coordination,
    flexibility, control, and overall health. Our
    program gradually guides you to improved
    cardiovascular fitness, muscle tone, flexibility,
    increased confidence, mental discipline,
    self-defense techniques, and more.

Re-opening Plan Stage 1

The day is finally here!

After two months, stage 1 of our re-opening begins Monday the 18th of May. With guidance from local authorities and the CDC we are implementing a few temporary adjustments during this first stage of re-opening. We are committed to the safety of our students, staff and the long-term impact on our community.



Class Sign ups:
Our FULL class schedule is back! DoJang classes will be limited to 15 students. This is makes social distancing much easier. We have incorporated a sign-up sheet on our website, please sign up for a class before attending so we can manage class size. If a class does not appear on the drop-down menu, that means that class has reached the 15-student limit. Call us and we can put you on a standby list in case a spot opens.  Additionally, classes will be shorted by 5 to 10 minutes to ease congestion between classes. See our COVID-19 class schedule for all the details.

COVID-19 Waiver

For students returning to class, we will require an additional waiver regarding COVID-19. The waiver can be found on our website and is available in the DoJang. All students returning to in DoJang classes must have a waiver on file before attending class.


ZOOM & Facebook
We understand not everyone is ready to get back to classes just yet, we completely understand and respect your decision. Additionally, if you aren’t feeling 100% we ask that you do not attend class. To make sure there are no barriers for you to continue your training, will be continue with our ZOOM classes. For the week of May 18th, the ZOOM schedule we are currently running will remain in place with 30 ZOOM classes offered. All Facebook LIVE Streams will be available for review by currently enrolled students. We are working on putting all the videos we’ve created in an easily searchable format.

DoJang adjustments:
All students must have a COVID-19 waiver on file before returning to class.
1. Social distancing will be facilitated with six-foot markers indicated on the floor.
2. Guidelines will be put in place for entrance and exit from the building, to reduce the risk of crowding.
3. Classes will be shortened by 5 to 10 minutes to avoid overcrowding during class transitions.
4. Class sign up sheets will be used to avoid overcrowding. Sign up can be done on our website or by calling the office.
5. The School and any equipment used with be thoroughly cleaned after each class.
6. Use of communal areas, such as the front foyer, will be limited and students and/or visitors may be asked to leave in order to maintain social distancing.
7. Hand sanitizer and hand washing stations will be available to students and all students are requested to wash or sanitize their hands upon entering and leaving the school and frequently while in the building or in a class.

Upcoming Events

Re-opening Stage 1

Monday May 18th

Classes in the DoJang resume with additional precausions taken.

COVID-19 Waiver

Click Here

All students choosing to return to class need to sign the COVID-19 waiver.

Black Belt Testing

May 30th

Testing times and sign up sheet now posted.

Class Sign Up Sheet

Sign Up Here

As part of our stage one re-opening, we are limited class sizes. Please sign up for classes before attending class.