Black Belt Testing - August 11th & 18th


Your testing will take place at Kuk Sool Won of Magnolia at 10am - Saturday August 18th

Those promoting to Black Belt - Promotions begin at 12noon.

4th & 5th Testing - 1pm KSW Magnolia

All other Black Belt Candidates will test August 11th at the Clear Lake DoJang.

9am - All Juniors

11am - Adults and Black Belts

Upcoming Events

Summer "Warrior" Camp

Now Enrolling!

August 6th-9th

Black Belt Testing

Saturday August 11th

9am Juniors | 11am Adults at the Clear Lake DoJang

Masters Club Class

Wednesday August 15th

7:30pm - Introduction to Bottle Breaking.

Tournament Training Classes

July 18th & 25th Aug 4th & 25th

One-on-one lessons to prepare you for tournament. Sign up for a time slot in the Do-Jang.