The 2011 International Kuk Sool Won Championship Tournament
was held October 8th, 2011 at the Merrell Center in Katy, TX.

All of our students did a fantastic job earning our school nearly 800 points, a new record for our school. Our school placed second overall in the school standings.
We also tied our school record for Grand Champions with 5 Grand Champions from our school.

Sa Bum Nim David Aue won the 4th Degree Grand Champion Award.
Pu Sa Bum Nim Christopher Pak won the 3rd Degree Men's Grand Champion Award.
Jyo Kyo Nim Rob Dooley won the 1st Degree Men's Grand Champion Award.
Jyo Kyo Nim Sachin Mehta won the 1st Degree Youth Grand Champion Award.
Jyo Kyo Nim Ethan Hammond won the 1st Degree Junior Grand Champion Award.

We are very pround of each and every one of our competitors! Thank you for your support and dedication. Let's keep working hard and earn back our #1 spot next year!

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Below are a few of the pictures from this year's tournament.